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Central and Eastern European Countries we cover

Please note that this part of the company's business is no longer relevant since 2008. The information on this page is therefore obsolete and displayed only for historical reasons.

Albania Estonia Moldova Russia
Belarus Hungary Montenegro Serbia
Bosnia Latvia Poland Slovakia
Bulgaria Lithuania Rep. Czech Slovenia
Croatia Macedonia Romania Ukraine
Caucasian and Asian Countries we cover
Azerbaidjan Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan

StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) strives to provide its clients with high added value consulting and field guidance services during their business engagements in the CEEC. Our performance driven philosophy emerges from the organisational detail that we are able to deploy in each country we cover. That is done with the utmost respect for the cultural management issues, both inside our teams and in their interaction with our clients.

1. For each covered country, there is a dedicated consultant in our firm. This specialised consultant is in France and ready to immediately meet you. All of our consultants have an ambivalent background: they are graduates of a French university, in either legal or economics fields, and they have profound knowledge of the respective country by their national origins, nationality, family ties and/or previous experience as a confirmed consultant having effectively worked in that country.

2. In every covered CEEC, StrateGEst Europe Consulting relies on a vast net of reliable local contacts and experts occupying economic and decision making high ranking positions.

3. Numerous agreements of understanding have been signed with lawyers in each covered country in order to ensure the closest legal protection, in the context of local legislations and regulations, for any of your local business initiatives.

StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) offers you the unique opportunity to speak to a genuinely specialised consultant for each country you are interested in, even before actually setting your foot there. Your future business plans are therefore prepared from France or your Occidental home base, in full accordance with the objective conditions that are to be found in each CEEC. That’s because we are dealing with trust since your very first steps towards Eastern European business.