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Thematic sections

HOME: Introductory page presenting the commercial message of StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) and its founders

OUR SERVICES: A complete radiography of the expertise fields of the firm

THE CEEC WE COVER : This page contains a synthetic presentation card for each Central and Eastern European Country covered by the firm

CONSULTING: The work philosophy of StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) is detailed on this page, as well as the structure of the consulting services that are provided

IMPORT/EXPORT: Here you will find how our firm can help, as a direct business facilitator, the companies that are interrested in finding new commercial opportunities in the geographical areas that we cover

INTELLIGENCE: All about our expertise in the various fields of business intelligence

REFERENCES: This page exposes the previous missions accomplished by the firm

CONTACT: Everything you need to know about how to get in touch with the firm and an electronic form for all your questions



Functional sections

FRANCAIS: A link to the French version of the site

SITE MAP: The summary page of the entire site

LINKS : A collection of partner sites and our banner exchange rules

RECRUITMENT : Our current vacancies for consultants and internships