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Please note that this part of the company's business is no longer relevant since 2008. The information on this page is therefore obsolete and displayed only for historical reasons.

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The portrait of our consultants

We actively explore the labour market for professional competences in agreement with our activity. We particularly favour the profiles that approach the following description:

  • you are a graduate of "Bac+4" level (Bachelor, 4 years of studies after high-school graduation) or higher, in a "grande ecole" (technical school) or a French university, in the legal, economic or engineering fields;
  • you live and you have the legal right to work in France ;
  • you have the possibility of geographical mobility towards the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC);
  • you can make yourself available at least 7 days in a row during a month, for international business trips;
  • you are fluent in at least one of the languages of the CEEC, as well as in French;
  • you have/had the citizenship of one of the CEEC, and/or you were involved in a professional activity for at least 6 months in one of the CEEC;
  • you are in touch with the economic, political and social reality in at least one of the CEEC;
  • you have good communication skills, a taste for commercial relations and you can master stress;
  • you have already been in contact with the French business environment, especially in the decision making sphere;
  • you are rigorous and meticulous in writing, you have excellent spelling;
  • you have a permanent internet connection and you master the basics of office automation (word processing, presentations, e-mails etc.);
  • you have a network of personal and/or professional contacts in one of the CEEC.

NOTA: as far as internship applications are concerned, it is preferable that most of the requirements above be validated. We give priority to motivated trainees, who already have a well defined career plan. Ideally, the length of the internship should be comprised between 3 months (minimum) and 6 months (maximum).



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