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Please note that this part of the company's business is no longer relevant since 2008. The information on this page is therefore obsolete and displayed only for historical reasons.


The first question that we are asking ourselves when we offer you our services is if they are really useful. We know very well that it's your first question too. We are convinced that our assistance, during your import/export operations in the Central and Eastern European Countries, represents a real value added contribution because our ultimate task is to avoid your having bad surprises!

Statistics show that during subcontracting, a company generally runs a so called "normal risk" of about 50% (!) to be schemed by its contractual partner. It's 1 contract out of every 2 contracts that can be the subject of a payment fault or a performance breach!

Small and medium businesses see themselves even more exposed to that risk since the same statistics clearly demonstrate that 70% of them regularly sign contracts without securing all the issues that can reasonably affect the performance (fault of payment, performance breach, guarantee provisions, insurances etc.). When working with the CEEC, the contractual insecurity amplifies itself. Cultural and legal diversity, geographical distance and language barrier are nothing but the few supplementary obstacles to deal with. We are here to secure your import/export contracts in order to ensure that the Eastern European markets remain an opportunity, not a dead end for you.

In order to be the vector of your success, our dealing with trust methodology means:

  • personally searching for qualified partners corresponding to your specific requirements ;
  • drawing a detailed profile of the financial and commercial viability of your future partners;
  • fully assisting you during the contractual negotiation with local partners by integrating our cultural management expertise;
  • securing, from a legal point of view, your contracts and agreements using the know-how of our local correspondents (business lawyers or jurists);
  • providing you with feed-back on the actual performance of your contracts by implementing a local quality control policy;
  • finding an appropriate logistical solution with a local carrier;
  • helping you to find the safest solution for all the local credit/payment operations;
  • filling, if it is the case, the required forms in order to obtain a public subvention or insurance for your prospective export initiatives;
  • giving you pertinent legal, fiscal and recruitment advices to establish a local commercial subsidiary in order to flexibly manage recurrent operations and large volumes of merchandise;
  • securing your technological know-how in order to preserve your competitive advantage on your subcontractors;
  • elaborating a adaptive non-exclusivity and multi-channel subcontracting strategy to maintain your local subcontractors and/or clients in a permanent state of competition in order to safeguard the profitability of your import/export operations;
  • assisting you, at all levels, during the administrative homologation procedures of certain classes of products;
  • mediating and improving the quality of your dialogue with the customs services for faster deliveries etc…

You pay for our services in accordance with the amount of profitability that you actually gain. Our effectiveness is the guarantee of your success and thus, we are among the first to believe and take part in your success story in the CEEC! That is because, for us, making profits is necessarily synonymous with security and mutual trust in all the import/export operations!