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Please note that this part of the company's business is no longer relevant since 2008. The information on this page is therefore obsolete and displayed only for historical reasons.

We are a consultancy firm based in Lyon, 2nd largest city of France. We are specialised in accompanying companies from Occidental Europe in their commercial and industrial projects towards Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). And vice versa, of course.

Our existence is justified by 2 findings:

1. The CEEC represent a market that is geographically very close to the Western Europe and have an extraordinary potential of development, be it from the point of view of the capacity of consuming new products, or as far as the very affordable wages of the handwork are concerned. The economy of these countries has known, since the 1989 revolutions against communism, an accelerated, but rather chaotic economic development: entire segments of the economic tissue are absent or underdeveloped, especially in the field of the business to business services. In the context of the recent terrorist threats that occur on a daily basis in numerous regions of the planet, the Eastern Europe, in his entirety, remains for western European companies a privileged destination in terms of common, fully shared cultural, political and social aspirations and moral values, especially through the ongoing process of expansion of the European Union toward East.

2. There is a great number of occidental companies wanting to commercially explore and/or to establish their production facilities in the CEEC. Their needs and expectations are complex and specific in the meantime. Thus, their deployment in Eastern Europe has to be done rapidly, while mastering the costs and adopting a proactive attitude. Making strategic choices in Eastern Europe being helped by a single business facilitator that provides a specialised consultant in every and each country that is envisaged and relies on a wide net of local legal correspondents, becomes an essential guarantee of success for every serious project.

StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) is the dynamic and flexible partner of your projects in Eastern Europe , by our capacity to give a global answer to all the aspects listed above.

On your behalf, we deal with trust in Eastern Europe on a daily basis!