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Please note that this part of the company's business is no longer relevant since 2008. The information on this page is therefore obsolete and displayed only for historical reasons.

Our philosophy / Our consulting services / Our consulting fees


Our philosophy

It is structured upon 3 coordinates:

1. A French company for more security, proximity and transparency;

2. A team formed of consultants coming from France as well as from each Central and Eastern European Country we cover, for more legitimacy and to fully integrate the cultural management in our advices;

3. A consulting methodology based on the concept of dealing with trust: we want to gain the full trust of our clients and simultaneously to induce the essential value of trust between our clients and the CEEC they are interested in. There is no profit making without trust.



Our consulting services

They generally include 4 steps:

1. A first contact between our client and StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France): we proceed then to a full analysis of the needs and expectations of the client. Afterwards, in a reasonable amount of time, we provide our client with an offer of assistance that details the main characteristics of our consulting services, their duration and their cost. This phase implies no costs or obligations on behalf of our clients (set aside a negotiated contribution to travel expenses for long distances).

2. If our offer is accepted by the client, we then:

- organise an accommodation visit in the country or the countries targeted by our client. The visit contains several meetings with local decision makers and entrepreneurs from the professional sphere of our client.

- if the file announces a high degree of complexity, proceed to a detailed audit of the management and the internal organisation in order to obtain an accurate assessment of the strength of the company and/or of its foreign trade partners and, if it is the case, to precisely determine what has to be externalised without menacing the original technical know-how and market leadership; this expresses our will to adopt an ethical approach as far as the stability of our client's company and its employment policy are at stake.

- elaborate a detailed operational plan containing the succession of steps to be made in order to attain the strategic objectives of our client.

3. An effective implementation of the operational plan, periodic updates and a final report on the practical evolution and realisation of the project.

4. Following the size and complexity of the project, after its completion, the client may subscribe a contract offering fixed price assistance services in order to ensure a smooth accommodation with the new national environment he is doing business in.

StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France) believes in flexibility. Therefore, the phases described above can be adapted to allow the step by step methodological approach to become a profitable and rationalizing tool when dealing with trust, rather than a rigid structural obstacle.



Our consulting fees

Here at StrateGEst Europe Consulting (France), we are profoundly attached to a fully comprehensive transparency as far as our tariffs are concerned. Because we know that our clients are actively looking both for pertinent consulting services and for competitive prices, we understand to be paid only for what our clients really need. Our mission offers strive to reflect in realistic terms the exact amount of consulting days to be spent in order to attain our clients’ strategic objectives. Be sure that we proceed to the extension of the initially established durations only in cases of extreme emergency.

As a matter of principle, we also accept to work for a fixed price if the mission to be done has a low degree of complexity.

Our high added value - oriented philosophy currently discourages us to consider any proposal of collaboration based on success fees. That is because all of our actions and initiatives, be they intellectual or factual, are real and concrete. Therefore, we cannot assume their costs in the place of our clients. They alone, as managers, fully retain their role of risk - takers in the course of their business.